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Commercials call for a strong sonic backdrop in order to transport and amplify the desired message from the client to the recipient. At Factorue we are ready to accompany your project from initial consulting to delivery of the final product. With up to 20 years of experience in music production we are comfortable in producing all kinds of musical styles for you.

Commercial copy: Mein Profil
Hermès Beach
CLOSED x Clemens Schick
Commercial copy: Demovideo

There are many ways to enhance your visual communication with sound and music: work out a precise musical theme, make use of a particular facet of popular music, mix different styles or genres within one clip, or tell a story by collaging musical elements with sound design.If it’s pop, rock, electronica, dance music, hip hop, jazz, or classical music – we are able to provide prime variations on common styles for your project. If it calls for a rather unusual sonic language, we are happy to explore more experimental realms, as well.

Having played in various bands, we are proficient musicians ourselves. In case you are looking for a particularly lush string arrangement or a exceptionally vivid horn section, we are also able to draw on our vast network of specialized instrumentalists for that matter. We love music and have been working as DJs for many years, which enabled us to keep track of emergent contemporary styles of popular music while also gaining a deep understanding of the inner workings of music new and old.

Sometimes, what you want to portrait might not even call for music in the traditional sense. As experienced sound designers we are capable of developing a suitable sonic language without fretting a single chord – whether it is to establish an underlying ambience, to enable or support the unfolding of a narrative, or to condense your brand identity into a sound logo.

Commercial copy: Mein Profil
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